Participation is Progress

Maria Latronico, the Sergeant at Arms, opened the night and left us hanging with a question, how to build confidence and earn trust in a cat? I think Alistair Morrell, the club president who opened the evening with positive energy, answered the question immediately after by stressing the importance of participation. By participating in any … Continue reading Participation is Progress

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

‘Last year if someone had said let’s hold meetings on line all thumbs would have pointed downwards. Now it seems that we are in the groove, and our screen meetings are running on enthusiasm.   Twenty-three attendees were with us this evening including Diane from Chiltern Speakers and Melanie from Reading Speakers. Clayton conducted the … Continue reading Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Humorous Speech & Table Topics contest – 23 Sep 2019

It was a great Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest held on the  23rd September, everyone who participated did a great job. Plenty of guests visiting the club went away very impressed by the evening. The standard was exceptionally high with lots of laughter in the room. For those of you who weren't able to … Continue reading Humorous Speech & Table Topics contest – 23 Sep 2019

Tall Tales of Maidenhead

Annual Tall Tales Contest 2019 A delightful evening at our President's home to celebrate 35 years of Maidenhead Speakers Club.  We held the Tall Tales contest where the contestants told funny and wildly exaggerated stories. There were 4 contestant for the Tall Tales competition which took place after a delicious Texan BBQ. First up was … Continue reading Tall Tales of Maidenhead

Annual International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest – 2019

Once again, this years International Speech and Evaluation contest provided members and guests with a spectacular evening. This years event was organised by Toastmaster Julie Farrell and what an evening it was. The event was attended by no fewer than 30 people and everyone was extremely impressed with the speakers and evaluations. The night kicked … Continue reading Annual International Speech and Evaluation Club Contest – 2019

The Toastmaster Promise – 12th Nov 2018

Turnout at the Nov.12 MSC meeting was again well over 20, and all were treated to an entertaining evening of varied speeches and evaluations.  Area Director Bret Freemen came to participate and hopefully was impressed with the organisation, attention to detail and camaraderie amongst the members. Doreen, our steadfast Sargent at Arms, opened the meeting … Continue reading The Toastmaster Promise – 12th Nov 2018

Humorous Speech Contest, 24 Sep 2018

'Battle of the Sexes', 'Definitely Weird But Is It Funny?' ,'Life Changing Events'.. just some of the humorous speeches delivered on the night. Energy in the room was high when the S@A opened the meeting, the room was buzzing in anticipation.  As well as the regular members of the club there were 3 visitors from other … Continue reading Humorous Speech Contest, 24 Sep 2018