Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean

MSC Meeting – Monday 22 August 2016

With Guest Blogger – Richard

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean


As I walked into the hall on Monday night I read a sign “Make sure your shoes are clean.” Was this a new standard that had been introduced at Maidenhead Speakers Club, or maybe it was just there for the pupils who use the hall during the day.

I did not have long to contemplate this as it was to be a very busy evening ahead with 5 prepared speeches to be delivered.

Sergeant at Arms, Tom welcomed us all and commented on the success of the Olympics, a theme that would be continued throughout the evening. President, Chris attended the meeting despite having just flown back from the USA where he had attended a Toastmaster convention. The evening was well organised and expertly conducted by Toastmaster of the evening, Louise. Grammarian for the night was Cheryl with Gayatri in charge of timing all the speakers.

Preeti made her icebreaker speech. She told the audience about herself and left us with a profound thought – To be happy you need someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.

Riccardo was up next with speech 3 in which he explained the influence of the scouts on his life and the satisfaction he gains from volunteering and charity work.

Paul presented speech 8 entitled “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” He compared speaking at Toastmasters to climbing a mountain. He used great visuals displayed on the flip chart to really emphasise his message.

Steve delivered an advanced speech entitled “Killer openings.” This provided techniques and examples on how you can make a good first impression. This included curiosity, shock and surprise, use of a date, statistics, stories and also the use of rhetorical questions.

The final speech was an advanced speech by Monica in which she reflected on the issues facing doctors. Amusing anecdotes included a mobile phone being left inside a patient.

Table Topics Master was Grant who continued the Olympic theme with John, Nick, Tony, Jan and Michael all speaking confidently around their given topic.

At the end of a great evening Best Table Topics was awarded to Tony, Best Evaluator was Mell and Best Speaker award went to Paul.

Looking forward to the next meeting. I will have clean shoes just in case the shoe rule is enforced.




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