Tall Tales of Maidenhead

Annual Tall Tales Contest 2019

A delightful evening at our President’s home to celebrate 35 years of Maidenhead Speakers Club.  We held the Tall Tales contest where the contestants told funny and wildly exaggerated stories.


There were 4 contestant for the Tall Tales competition which took place after a delicious Texan BBQ.

First up was Lorraine with a speech entitled “Squashed” where she enlisted dark forces to become the best squash player “in the world”.  Lorraine was followed by Maria who gave a very humorous tale about her special VW Golf that talked to her, guiding her driving and giving advice on avoiding dangerous shrubs.

Next was Tony with his heart warning yet dark tale about a pet tortoise that had died or had it?  Last but by no means least Steve delivered a very clever impromptu tale in which everything and everyone was named after a fish!

Lorraine emerged the winner but it was a very close contest with extremely strong entries from all competitors.

lorrain 2019 - tall tales


It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and our Club President Tom and his wife made all of us feel very welcome.  Everyone had a great time.  I’m really looking forward to our next social event around Christmas time.

Thank you for your hospitality

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