Area 21 Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest

Area Contest Saturday 8 October 2016

With Guest Blogger – Richard

Area 21 Humorous speaking and table topics contest

On Saturday 8th October ’16 there was an afternoon of amusement provided by the Area 21 Humorous speaking and table topics contest which was held at St Piran’s in Maidenhead.

The Club level winners from all five of the Area 21 clubs competed against each other. This included representatives from Wokingham, Windsor, Ascot, Chiltern and Maidenhead Speakers Clubs.

Contest chair was Monica Horten, Chief Judge Jacqui Hogan, and Sergeant at Arms Michael Williams with Qin and Matt from Windsor Speakers as timers.

The large hall was able to comfortably accommodate the audience of around 40. It was also a great opportunity to make new acquaintances with members from other clubs.

The hall was filled with laughter as the speakers delivered their humorous speeches. The speakers made poised performances and each had a great story to tell. Subjects covered included domestic appliances, dating and DIY disasters.

The table topics question referred to a Beatles song and asked the table topic speakers where in their wildest dreams they would like to be. This resulted in a wide range of interesting responses.

The results of the table topics contest were 1st place to Doreen Gowing, 2nd Marce Colucci and 3rd Ann McCormack.

The humorous speech contest was won by Chris Boden, with 2nd place to Victor Nweeke and 3rd place to Ann McCormack.

Congratulations to winners Chris Boden who demonstrated supreme rhetorical command and Doreen Gowing who exhibited energy and fluency.

Well done to all for making it such an entertaining afternoon.

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