Summer Nights

MSC Meeting – Monday 8 August 2016

With Guest Blogger – Mary

Summer Nights

It was a barmy, summer evening and there we were gathered together for yet another entertaining evening at Maidenhead Speakers Club. An enthusiastic Sergeant-at-Arms, Mike, welcomed and called us to order before handing over to our President, Chris, who conducted the business part of the meeting swiftly and efficiently and with a reminder about the club contest on 12 September 2016.

Chris handed over to Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Honor. Despite this being her first time as TME, Honor displayed great confidence and competence when she introduced her summer themed evening. With it being the summer, several members were on holiday and TME Honor revamped the usual meeting format. Scheduled speeches were reduced to four and we had the luxury of not one but two separate Table Topics sessions … good thinking Honor, it certainly kept us on our toes and kept the creative juices flowing!

Topics master Jan started with the summer theme and challenged us with impromptu topics. Richard was first up with his refreshing cocktail balancing a colourful and nutritious vitamin C drink with a couple of pints of vodka! Mary, using her best body language, shared the joys of what it felt like to be a beach ball on the beach. Julie (Ascot club) communicated the delights of sampling different flavours of ice cream and highly recommended brussel sprout flavoured ice cream! Tony was colour challenged about beach outfits and gave a convincing argument and brief history about the colours of pink and blue.

The second Table Topics session was hosted by Topics master Grant. He invited Mike J to tell us which sportsperson he would like to invite to dinner. The invite went to an impressive, tiny, Olympic gymnast, although Mike did confess that he probably wouldn’t be serving up any ‘rabbit food stuff’. Gayitri shared her preference for a holiday to Naples where she might enjoy the food, the weather and perhaps a visit to Pompeii? Continuing with the summer theme Michael W moved seamlessly into the groove when invited to talk about his summer music, so much so he could “feel the music deep down in my bones” …we were there Michael …grooving along to the summer sounds. But not for Kasia (from one of the London clubs), no beach for her, she wanted to jump on a horse and ride off for adventure and if time permitted, perhaps learn belly dancing too.

In her speech ‘Dreams’, Toastmaster Louise captivated us with her magical holiday when she swam with dolphins. Doreen delivered a thought provoking speech, ‘There’s a Knot in My Stomach’ about metaphors, how they are used and how our own metaphor for life might look. Mell’s interpretive speech, ’Whiter Shade of Pale’ had us transfixed and spellbound as she ‘tripped the light fantastic’. The scheduled speeches concluded with an encouraging and educational speech from President Chris, ‘Keeping the Commitment’. In it, he highlighted the importance of member commitment to the club through participation, interaction and improvement. It was a motivational speech providing great tips for all club members.

Other roles fulfilled on the night were:

Evaluator #1: Tony – evaluated Louise                                                           Evaluator #2: Nick – evaluated Doreen                                                        Evaluator #3: Cheryl – evaluated Mell                                                            Evaluator #4: Tom – evaluated Chris                                                                General Evaluator was Norman                                                                   Timer was Rajeev, and finally, Grammarian was Mary

Overall, a great evening with Best Table Topics award to Michael, Best Evaluator to Tony and Best Speech to Louise. Next meeting – Monday 22 September, 7.30pm.

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