Contest Bonanza 27th March and 8th April

A catch up on the club and area contests just gone. On the 27th March, we held our International Speech and Evaluation Contests. Brave members gave their all, pulling together their learnt skills to show what they can do under pressure. The International Speech contest saw three speakers – Doreen, Tony and Louise – doing their thing. Doreen spoke about the difficulty of entering the contest and the difference that the support and acceptance of others makes. Tony spoke about the problems of covering up child abuse and the factors that have led to the recent scandals. Louise gave an emotional account of her grandfather’s time in an underfunded NHS hospital system.

In the evaluation contest we were lucky to have a test speech given by Alice from Wokingham Speakers. It set a very difficult task for our four evaluators – Doreen, Michael, Gayatri and Paul M.

The results were:

International Speech – 1st Place Louise

Evaluation – 1st Place Gayatri, 2nd place Paul.

Congratulations to all! [I will say at this point there was a photographic failure, which is why I’m lacking picture to go with this blog…sorry!]

Yesterday saw Maidenhead Speakers host the Area 21 contest, which is the second round. We were joined by contest winners from Wokingham, Windsor, Ascot and Chiltern Speakers, taking on our champs – Louise in the speech contest and Doreen in Evaluation (both Gayatri and Paul had previous engagements.)

In a remarkably high standard Area contest, both were won by former Maidenhead member Amanda Bouch. Louise was brilliant and placed third in the International Speech Contest.

Louise.jpgA big thank you to everyone who helped out on Saturday. We had a load of volunteers and it was fantastic to see the club getting behind the event and supporting.

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