Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests Results

Monday 12 Septempber 2016

Humorous Speech Contest Night

Acting Sergeant-at-Arms & Acting President – Tom Hostetler

Contest Chair – Mike Jones

Chief Judge – Steve Catchick

Timer – Esther


Humorous Speeches

Order of Appearance

Speaker 1 – Doreen (Snakes and Ladders)
Speaker 2 – Michael (Mamma Mia – The Mother of All Rides)
Speaker 3 – Richard (Seize the Opportunity)
Speaker 4 – Chris (Know Your Role)
Speaker 5 – Tony (I Wish I could Still Be Funny)
Speaker 6 – Honor (That Ship Called Dignity)


1st Place – Chris 
2nd Place – Michael 
3rd Place – Tony 


Table Topics

You’ve Ran Away to a Travelling Circus, What Role or Act Will You Do – and Why?

Order of Appearance

Speaker 1 – Doreen (Elephant Lifting)
Speaker 2 – Chris (Juggling Chainsaws)
Speaker 3 – Vidyha (The High Wire)
Speaker 4 – Tony (Animal Trapeze)
Speaker 5 – Michael (Tiger Catcher)
Speaker 6 – Nick (Trapeze Artist)


1st Place – Doreen 
2nd Place – Chris 
3rd Place – Tony 


Best wishes to Chris and Doreen at the Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest on Saturday the 8th of October at our normal meeting venue, St Piran’s Centre. Doors open 2pm and event starts at 2:30pm till 4:30pm.

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