A Very Enjoyable Evening

MSC Meeting – Monday 26 September 2016

With Guest Blogger – Lorraine

A Very Enjoyable Evening

It was good to see so many new faces in the audience for the meeting on the 28 September and good to see the warm welcome our guests received from established members.

Mike our Sergeant at Arms banged the gavel to bring the meeting to order and gave some great suggestions to the club members to listen to the podcasts available on the Toastmaster website.   President Chris then spoke about the Toastmaster Universe with a recap of recent events in the Toastmaster calendar.  A further warm welcome was extended to our guests along with a little Toastmaster history. Chris also gave us a reminder about the Area Contest due to take place on Saturday 8 October at St Piran’s.

We were in safe hands that evening with Nick as our Toastmaster for the evening. A very seasoned Toastmaster whose ensemble matched the colour of his name badge. Very coordinated!

Cheryl was introduced as our Table Topics Master. She had prepared a great set our topics for the impromptu speaking session.  The speakers were adeptly evaluated by Jon who shared his thoughts on each of the speakers.

The prepared speeches were a delight; 2 Icebreaker speeches, one from Gayatri and one from Esther, these were both so enjoyable and a great way for these new members to introduce themselves to the club. In addition, we had Tom’s speech no 3 from the Competent Communicator Manual and John’s Storytelling speech which had the audience spell-bound.  John won the best speech award for the evening.

A team of trusty evaluators (Vidhya, Michael, Paul and Mary) evaluated the prepared speeches, each using the “commend – recommend – commend” format to encourage our speakers and give valuable constructive feedback for their next speeches. Mary won the much coveted Best Evaluator award for her evaluation of John’s storytelling speech.

Doreen our Grammarian gave her report, picking up all our ummm’s and ahhh’s and ‘filler’ words like ‘soooo’.  The evening came to a gentle close. Very enjoyable!

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