Meet the Committee!





Club President: Mike Jones


Mike Jones: I first heard of Toastmasters from a colleague at work who mentioned it during an annual company sales day in 2014 to kick off the new financial year. My job as a Sales Consultant means I am required to talk confidently, clearly and concisely about our solutions and services. To this end I signed up at Maidenhead Speakers Club for the very first meeting of 2015. My public speaking and leadership skills have come on in leaps and bounds since joining Toastmasters. I would recommend it to anyone with no hesitation.

VP Education: Tom Hostetler


Tom Hostetler: I used to speak regularly to groups of work colleagues and employees, but I always felt that I could do much better at it if only I practiced.  Then several years ago the push for ‘home working’ came into vogue, and I became a ‘home worker’.  Over time I lost my confidence and presenting skills in speaking in front of a group. I joined Toastmasters in 2015 to help me regain that confidence and take my public speaking skills to a completely new level. Participating in the Maidenhead Speakers Club is a big step in that direction.

VP Public Relations: Gerry Conlon

Gerry Conlon


Sergeant at Arms: Clayton Baxter

Clayton Baxter

Treasurer: Alan Grayly




Secretary: Jan Abbot


Club Membership Officer: Rasika Nayak



Immediate Past President: Chris Boden


Chris Boden: I joined Toastmasters in 2007 to overcome my shyness and help me to run large meetings at work. In the years since I’ve become a confident and successful speaker, giving talks to hundreds of people in professional situations and even trying out stand up comedy and improv. I love helping new people get started developing as speakers and seeing them develop and grow. In my spare time I’m a consultant electrical engineer in the Power Industry.



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2 responses to “Meet the Committee!

  1. To whom it may concern

    I wanted to know if I could attend as a guest? I’m very interested in coming to toastmasters to improve my public speaking, confidence and personal development. Is there a session tonight? Any information regarding what I will need todo would be great!


  2. Hi Savi. Apologies if someone has already replied to you, but we have had some problems with the administration of the website so I am just making sure. We meet every other Monday at 7.30 and we have a meeting tomorrow evening 27 June, as well as 11 July and 25 July and 8 August. All meetings start at 7.30pm and run for a couple of hours. You would be very welcome to attend any of these. No strings! Just come along ten minutes before the start as we usually start promptly. If you enjoy the meeting and think Toastmasters could be for you then you can find out more about becoming a member.