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President: Alistair Morrell

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‘Post-MBA studied in 2015-2018, I was looking for a skill which could be honed and project my career in the context of my industry. Public speaking is, for most of us an acquired, learned and practised skill, and not something that comes naturally. Furthermore, in the increasingly online driven and media focussed society where the first 30 seconds counts, it seemed to be a good priority to learn more of the tactics and skills about public speaking. So in 2018, I joined the Toastmasters Club in Maidenhead. Its history and heritage, together with a fantastic supportive and proficient membership, make it an honour to be the nominated President for 2020-2021. Join us, you will not be disappointed!’

VP Education: Alex Crowe

I came to Maidenhead Speakers to improve on my technique and confidence in public speaking. The club has been a very supportive, friendly and a safe space to practice standing in front of an audience. It’s the perfect place to boost confidence through exposure and make lots of mistakes! I found that the other club members all gave great feedback and evaluations with positive commendations and constructive recommendations.
There was so much to the club I didn’t expect and the evenings are a great way to learn, have fun and enjoy listening to other members interesting speeches.”

VP Public Relations: Stuart Alexander

I joined Toastmasters in 2019. I was a person who would get nervous at any form of public speaking, be it in a meeting room where I would have to introduce myself or presenting in front of a room full of people. The nerves would run through me to the point where my voice would dry up once I eventually did start to speak.

I always knew that I would need to embark on some level of training to become more confident. Joining toastmasters has already provided me with the opportunity to grow. The club meetings provide many opportunities each week to get up and speak. There are many good speakers at Maidenhead which have also provided excellent opportunities to learn.

Not only has it improved my confidence in speaking but also in writing. By watching others, I have seen how a compelling speech is put together. Maidenhead Speakers has allowed me to grow as an individual.

Sergeant at Arms: Maria Latronico

I joined Maidenhead Speakers in 2018 to become more confident and improve my public speaking. Toastmasters gives the opportunity to practise public speaking, and hone different skills like active listening, how to give feedback in constructive and encouraging manner in a safe environment.

Maidenhead Speakers is an established club with many experienced members who are very keen in helping new members to master the skill of public speaking.

I am glad a joined this club, I like the friendly and supportive environment, as well as having the opportunity to learn from experienced members.

I encourage anyone who thinks about personal development to join Toastmasters, it is the opportunity to learn and enhance skills that are applicable in any industry.

Treasurer: Alan Grayly

Club Membership Officer: Everton Rock

Image of VP of Membership

I’m a Toastmasters baby, having only joined in January 2020.

I joined Toastmasters because, although I speak and present to clients on a fairly regular basis in my work, I secretly experience a fair degree of anxiety when I’m not in my comfort zone.

It’s been amazing how quickly my public speaking confidence has developed, and it’s inspiring to see the transformation in our new members.

Secretary : Leanne Mennie

Image of secretart

I joined Maidenhead Speakers Club in October 2018 after many months of debating whether I should/could actually walk in the door to a club meeting!

I’ve always struggled with confident public speaking and it took a while to pluck up the courage to make contact! I am so pleased I did – the members are so welcoming and friendly and I can truly say my toastmasters journey has been game changing. Not only have I gained confidence in professional situations where such skills might be required, but also (and perhaps most surprisingly) I’ve really felt the benefit socially too – the small talk conversations, social situations I’d previously shy away from, more recently the countless friend and family remote video calls! Toastmasters has touched lots of areas of my life and it was the best decision I could have made.

I’m so grateful to the Maidenhead Speakers Club for the wonderful support, feedback and encouragement they’ve given me, I thought I’d give something back by taking a committee role and helping shape the next year of toastmasters! I’m really proud to be part of the club.

Do come and join us – you won’t regret it!

Immediate Past President: Lorraine

Picture of previous club president

Lorraine :  I’ve been a member of Maidenhead Speakers club for a number of years and continue to enjoy club activities. Not only has it given me the confidence to speak in public but I’ve made some good friends at Maidenhead Speakers Club but also in the wider Toastmasters community.

Toastmasters is a simple idea that works so well, I’ve seen many new members transform into very strong and powerful speakers.

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