Meeting Round-Up for 10th June

In the penultimate meeting of this Toastmasters year, Sergeant at Arms Steve started as he so often does with a story – a ghost story, but without any ghosts. It was a nice walk nonetheless. President Nick delivered some slightly sombre news about a couple of club members in difficulty before moving to the moreContinue reading “Meeting Round-Up for 10th June”

AGM Night (With Speeches of Course)

Monday the 20th May saw the holding of the Annual General Meeting. The old committee gave their reports and the committee was officially elected. Details of all the official type goings on will be circulated by our wonderful secretary in due course. As part of the AGM, Nick recognised some of the longer serving membersContinue reading “AGM Night (With Speeches of Course)”

Monday 13th May – A revealing evening

With guest blogger (and GE for the evening) Sandra Davidson. The evening started off with our Sargent at Arms Steve Cann welcoming us and telling us about a recent visit he had to a blue bell wood.  Blue bells are Steve’s favourite and I was reminded of how much I like them too. Our PresidentContinue reading “Monday 13th May – A revealing evening”

Stunning Speeches at the Area 21 Contest

Courtesy of Area Governor Amanda Bouch Contest season brings out the best in us … Not only do the contestants challenge themselves to prepare a stunning speech, but also the audience is amazing – such generosity of spirit and applause to encourage the speakers.  Everyone was caught up in the brilliance – and on Saturday 6Continue reading “Stunning Speeches at the Area 21 Contest”

Chinese New Year in Maidenhead

With special guest blogger Julie Farrell. The 25th of February meeting had a Chinese theme, in honour of the recent Chinese New Year.  Toastmaster for the Evening, Anita Li, explained the significance of the stacks of oranges that can be seen in Chinese homes at this time of year – they represent gold, because ChineseContinue reading “Chinese New Year in Maidenhead”