Contest Night II

The second part of the Autumn contest season saw the battle of table topics. Jacqui as organiser and contest chair managed to cajole 9 willing contestants into putting themselves on the line. She posed the question “What is your favourite household chore and why?” Responses were many and varied. From watching TV, playing with children and hoovering to decorating, cooking and interior design. And it seems that in Ireland cleaning windows is a national past time.

John Callaghan was the victor telling us that he tries to get everyone else to do the chores, and fails. Keith Clarke was second and Chris Boden third. First and second place will go forward to the Area Contest, which is being held at our club on Saturday the 6th of October.

The winner


After the contest Justin McCarthy gave his 9th CC manual speech on why bullet points should be banned from Powerpoint presentations. He made some excellent points (without a bullet in site). Justin’s speech was very ably evaluated by Johan McDonald.

Chris Boden described why everyone needs to go to a Toastmasters conference. Good people, loads of learning and good craic! The next conference is in Garryvoe, Cork from the 9th – 11th of November. Details at :

For an exclusive video of the presentation ceremony click here

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