Dreams and Stories of November

It’s already November and there are just a few Toasty meetings left in 2012. So we made the most of it on the 12th November. John Callaghan led the evening’s frivolity with style and a smile, welcoming and introducing our wonderful speakers.

The night started with Steve Catchick giving a report on the Conference in Cork. He informed everyone that Chris Boden placed 3rd in the District Table Topics Final. Then he made a special presentation to Norman Rhodes, who was acknowledged by the District Council for his decades of service. Read all about it here.

Anita Li gave an unsual topics session that challenged the four speakers – Joyce, Mary, Sandra and Lorraine. There was some “parking” of the question (that’s avoiding to you and I). In the end Joyce took the ribbon for best topic.

The five speeches were a great mix of topics. First up Karen Szulakowska gave an educational speech on introducing more colourful language into speeches. There was descriptive onomatopoeia and lots of lovely alliteration. Amanda Bouch told us about her dream, of starting a new Toastmasters club in Bracknell. She borrowed a few words from Martin Luther King and inspired the crowd with the possibility of starting something new. There should be plenty of news on the proposed new club in the near future.

Ben De Candole warned us his speech contained adult themes. That may have been stretching it a little but he gave some tips for overcoming the curse of being a nice guy. It sounds like a whole new world for Ben. Julie Farrell changed the tone with a storytelling project about the dark side of human nature. Her vivid use of language and gripping delivery had the audience rapt and won her the best speaker award.

Finally Alan Grayly told us about him time as a lifeguard, working on a beach. He had life and death decisions (literally) to make. A fantastic performance in just his second prepared speech.

The evaluators – Mell, Doreen, Isabel, Gerard – took their turns giving feedback . Mell took the ribbon for best evaluator. The evening was rounded off with a GE report from Chris Webb and Chris Boden did some grammarian work.

Next meeting is the 26th November, it’s the 2nd last before Christmas so be there!

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