Special Presentation to Norman Rhodes

At the Club meeting on Monday 12th November, there was a surprise presentation by Division Governor Steve Catchick. At the District Conference in Cork the preceding weekend, Steve had been given an award to pass on to our club’s most distinguished member.





For 27 years Norman Rhodes has been making up the ribbons and medals which all our Club Presidents and District officials wear. So on behalf of Jim Hegarty, the Immediate Past District Governor, Steve presented Norman with a handsome plaque, a book and a certificate, in recognition of his exemplary service over so many years.

Norman says “Over the years I have made about 360 sets of regalia.   My design of England and Ireland maps with the Toastmasters ‘T’ behind was later adopted as our District logo and five years ago I designed the medal we now use, incorporating that logo.”

He also said that he has given notice that he is retiring from the regalia making. There is an opening for any volunteer with a sewing machine! Full instructions available on request.

From everyone at Maidenhead Speakers a very warm and hearty congratulations to Norman. He continues to be an inspiration and an amazing example for all of us of outstanding dedication and service.


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