End of Year Festive Meeting – All about balloons

The final meeting for 2012 was great success. Jacqui organised the whole evening and as well as a fine selection of food and drink (provided by members) we held a balloon debate. In the debate each participants had to take on a character and then explain why they should be allowed to stay in the rapidly sinking basket. They were:

Albert Einstein (Steve Catchick)

St. Patrick (Doreen Gowing)

Leonardo di Vinci (Norman Rhodes)

Julia Gillard (Monica Horton complete with Aussie accent)

Dr Vaughan (Joyce Rhodes)

Pam Ayres (Helen Elliott)

Chris Hoy (Mary Fraser)

Archbishop of Canterbury (Eric Elliott) and

Father Christmas (Nick Bailey).

Norman won the debate. The costume may have helped!


An extended table topics was won by Rob Howes.

It was a rather light hearted event very different from our normal more serious meetings. The socialising afterwards was enjoyed by all. The selection of food this year was the best seen in years with many members bringing home-made delicacies as well as a fine selection of cakes and chocolates.

Looking forward to another strong year for Maidenhead in 2013!

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