Contest Night I

So you think giving a speech at Toastmasters is a challenge? Try making people laugh. In a contest. Seven game Maidenhead members did just that on Monday the 10th of September. The annual humorous speech contest saw members doing their best to raise a chuckle or two from the crowd.

Steve Catchick chaired the evening and introduced all of the speakers. Yohan McDonald kicked off the evening talking about the vagaries of management speak and saying what you really mean. As the contest went on we learnt about the joy of ropes and creative use of knots from Phil Cook, the pros and cons of an arranged marriage from Zahid Aziz and a very unusual funeral from Doreen Gowing. Justin McCarthy gave a brilliant imagining of how too much toastmasters could land a person in court. But that’s ok, they can talk themselves out of trouble after all. He earned 3rd place for his efforts. 2nd place winner was Mell Shepherd who reminded us of the importance of learning a foreign language, especially if you are going to be subjected to an exclusive “VIP” massage treatment. The winner was Chris Boden with a speech warning about the impending end of the world. Turns out it won’t be as bad as it sounds, except for all of the zombies.

Chris with Amanda and Nick


The night was rounded off with an extensive table topics session, which will prove good practice for the upcoming topics contest. Get your name on the list!

Chris and Mell will be representing Maidenhead at the Area contest on the 6th October, which we are hosting. Please come along and support and help out.

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One thought on “Contest Night I

  1. Great write up Chris for capturing the evening in a nutshell. It was indeed a challenging evening which I learnt lots about what not to do, always the fastest way to learn!
    Bring on the Table Topics Contest.

    Doreen Gowing

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