Meeting Round-Up for 10th June

In the penultimate meeting of this Toastmasters year, Sergeant at Arms Steve started as he so often does with a story – a ghost story, but without any ghosts. It was a nice walk nonetheless. President Nick delivered some slightly sombre news about a couple of club members in difficulty before moving to the more pleasant job of introducing the toastmaster of the evening – Beshlie. And what a star she was! Disdaining any first time TME nerves Beshlie was in control and a beacon of smiling energy throughout.

The table topics session was run by our Division Governor Steve Catchick. Steve wisely reminded us to see table topics as fun and an important part of the Toastmasters programme. He gave the nine(!) speakers an eclectic assortment of topics ranging from career choice and politicians on TV to canals and what to do on a rainy day. Joyce Rhodes was given the ribbon for best topic, I’m sure it had something to do with her mention of Strip Jack Naked.

There were four prepared speakers. First up, Romain delivered his icebreaker, telling us about his journey around Europe to the UK. He revealed that he is quite the polyglot and can converse with a very high proportion of Europeans in their native tongues.

Clive Pugh gave a wide ranging speech about dealing with uncertainty. He delivered with much confidence and enthusiasm and won the best speaker ribbon.

Julie Farrell entertained with a musing on the true meaning of success. How would you judge if you are a success or not? She also managed to get in some good plugs for her self published novels. I’ve read one of them and it was quite good. Well done Jules.

Jacqui Hogan also talked books, but this time about those written by another. She enthralled with tales of Enid Blyton, with a preview of a speech she will be giving at an event in the near future.

Jacqui’s obvious passion for the subject came through to everyone.

Yours truly was the GE and introduced the evaluation team of Lorraine, Anita, Doreen and Karen. All four gave excellent evaluations of the speakers, giving encouragement and some tips for how each could improve.

Having recently been to a workshop by World Champion speaker Darren Lacroix, in my evaluation I looked at how many of the speakers began. Do you think about your speech opening? And take your time before you open your mouth to connect with the audience? Some things to ponder as always.

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