11th February Meeting

With special guest blogger Mary Fraser.

Despite it being a cold, snowy evening with a serious drop in temperature, there was a very warm welcome from Nick Bailey (Club President) at Maidenhead Speakers club and Toastmaster of the evening, Ben de Candole on Monday evening.

Ben highlighted the importance of a smile when giving a speech and proceeded to entertain with his version of the news of the day. He has a real skill for this; one I’m sure will be developed in future speeches.

Lorraine Hamilton took the floor for Table Topics and posed a series of ‘First time’ questions to club members.

Rod shared his experience of his first day at work in England and was bemused by the strange custom of eating lunch at the desk, unlike the long lunches he was used to in his native France.

Steve Catchick recalled his first computer encounters and state of the art technology back then. Now in an effort to keep up to date he has moved to ‘the dark side’ and purchased a … was it a Big Mac?

Jacqui celebrated the joys of her first car, a Datsun Sunny, in which she learned how to stop nudging the wall and overcome her fear of reversing around a corner.

Clive remembered the first meal he cooked as a boy, apple pie with sugar in the pastry. It was a stressful experience at the time but resulted in culinary success. There’s a rumour that a certain Jamie O has been in touch for the recipe.

Monica’s first film was a birthday treat to see the delightful Wizard of Oz, but the scary witch frightened her out of the cinema. Thankfully she has overcome her fear by cultivating her love of French films … probably easier to understand than The Munchkins!

And the winner was … Paul who delighted us with his story of his first time flight to Canada. He was sooooo excited and we were sooooo excited when he won the ribbon for Best Table Topics of the evening. Well done Paul.

David MacLeod delivered a very comprehensive and educational speech on Toastmasters International and the Worldwide Web. As a competent TM of 24 years and smiley tour guide, he took us from club level to headquarters clearly explaining the lift stops and TM opportunities along the way. The tour concluded with lots of yellow smiley faces at the top – happy, well informed club members and guests.

Beshlie followed David with her speech ‘Nominative Determination (ND)’. A fascinating speech about how this recent theory that a person’s name can have a significant role in determining key aspects of their job, profession or character.

She shared her own eclectic mix of job roles and concluded that whatever the job, it is ‘important to be happy’.

Helen delivered a passionate speech on the state of care today, a subject very close to the heart of this former nursing sister. ‘Observations on Changing Nursing Care’ clearly highlighted how we have lost the element of care in our current paper chase and target hitting care service. ‘Bring back the Matrons!’ was her call to action. Her speech won The Best Speaker ribbon.

A special evening for Steve Cann as he concluded Project No 10 in his CC manual. His speech entitled ‘Communication, Confidence & Achievement’ spoke of his own communication challenges and how being a member of MSC helped him step out of his comfort zone, feel the fear and do it anyway. Well done Steve.

Julie headed the evaluation team as General Evaluator with first time Grammarian Swati, Evaluators Alan, Chris and Rob and Anita as timer. Lots of commendations and recommendations provided by the evaluation team speakers, club members and guests too. Chris won the ribbon for Best Evaluator.


Date of the next meeting: 25 Feb 2013

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