28th January – Evaluation Workshop

With guest blogger Steve Catchick – Division H Governor.

President Nick Bailey opened the evening, welcoming no fewer than 6 visitors, before handing over to Toastmaster of the evening Monica Horten.

This was to be no ordinary meeting. Monica introduced the theme of the evening, which would feature an evaluation workshop by our own, and District 71 evaluation contest winner, Chris Boden

First though, Monica facilitated a “Rapid Fire” version of Table topics, being a series of short 1 minute impromptu speeches based on being either a complainant, or respondent to the complaints at a hospital. This was a novel idea that went down well.

We had Keith Clarke starting the topics by complaining he only went into hospital for a headache, but had all sorts of tests carried out on him. Sandra Davison responded as a nurse, then Alan Grayly also was a complainant. Zahid Aziz upped the level by responding as a consultant, complaining that funds were not available. John Callaghan, as a trustee, made some Freudian slips of the tongue when responding to Zahid’s comments. There was another complaint by new member Swati, before Ben De Candole closed the discussion as the hospital administrator

All in all, an excellent table topics session.

Chris Boden then started his evaluation workshop, starting with why evaluation is so important, before going on to give an excellent workshop on how best to give effective evaluations. Chris shared his contest winning system with us, based on the criteria used in judging an evaluation contest. He also showed his notes from his district contest winning evaluation, and some tips as to how to address the whole audience, not just the speaker.

Chris demonstrated his version of how to take concise short notes, and then re-write them to have just a small hand held card with the salient points.

An excellent workshop, delivered by an expert.

During the workshop Fatiha Lafkar bravely deliver a speech, which was to be evaluated by 3 evaluators. NO pressure then for Fatiha, or the three evaluators. She gave a descriptive account of her favourite city – St Petersburg.

New member David Collomb went first, and clearly listened to some of the tips Chris had given. He was followed by Doreen Gowing, who gave her evaluation in her own warm style. Finally, Clive Pugh rounded up the 3 evaluations.

Each had taken on board many of the tips Chris had given.

Chris handed back to Monica Horten, who as Toastmaster, had another duty to perform, by introducing one other speaker, Mary Fraser, who was delivering speech no 5 from the speaking to inform manual, objective “The Abstract Concept”. Mary used the theme of Inspiration, as an abstract idea, and delivered a well polished and professional speech, in her usual capable manner.

Mary was formally evaluated by area Governor, Amanda Bouch, who is a very competent evaluator and also took on board all of Chris’s tips.

Finally Chris evaluated all the evaluators, before handing back to President Nick Bailey, to close the meeting.

The meeting closed on time, and a pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.

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