28th November – Baboons in Space!

Another night of high quality speeches! This time four out of five speeches were advanced, three being humorous.

Richard Davies was TME and brought along his very popular humour. He asked us to reveal the courses we had been on.

Sandra Davison won best speaker. She explained to us that she is learning to play golf. She hoped she didn’t follow in her father’s footsteps as he broke the clubhouse window a number of times.

Zahid gave us his three tips for being happily married for ten years including the regular purchase of a box of chocolates and a credit card for her shopping.

Amardeep explained about the Mars landing craft and other scientific advances. If you fancy moving permanently to the red planet, applications are being taken now for Mars 1.

Karen delivered an impressive monodrama about a wife worrying about her relationship with her husband. There were lots of doors banging and huffing and sighing.

President Nick told a story about wild animals being drunk which reminded him of his encounters with baboons whilst guiding in South Africa.

Doreen Gowing presided over the table topics session with her theme of imagination. Questions varied from being reborn, to a time tunnel experience and how you won your Nobel prize. Best table topic was won by Eric Elliott having just returned from Australia.

Fatiha Lafkar won best evaluator even though it was her first attempt. Well done Fatiha!

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