Getting in the swim of an Olympic new year

In the Toastmasters universe July represents the start of a new year. So it’s a new President and new committee, but the same top quality meetings at Maidenhead Speakers.


Last Monday the 23rd July saw Karen Szulakowska steer us through an Olympian themed evening of speeches, topics and evaluations. This Olympic warm up event saw new member Alan Grayly talk about life behind the iron curtain with a bucket load of his swimming medals, Rob Howe demonstrating the finer points of wine appreciation with a glassful of Riesling, Amardeep Dhillon discussing the deeper points of philosophy with a head full of ideas and Anita Li talking about high performing people with a bag full of inspiration. All speeches were well received, but in a Maidenhead first every single speaker managed to run over their time and be disqualified from the best speaker vote. Lesson to everyone – red means stop!


The Olympics themed topics saw no less than 8 competitors lined up across the pool, with David McLeod touching the wall first with a very educational talk about team building, which saw him awarded the best table topics medal (ribbon really).


Evaluations were of a very high standard, no doubt due to the intense coaching programme of the GE, yours truly. The gold medal (ribbon really) for best evaluator went to John Callaghan. However irregularities have been found with his doping results and further tests are expected.


The nest meeting is Monday 30th July. It promises to be another exciting event, let’s see if Great Britain can add to their ribbon tally.


Chris Boden.

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