AGM Night (With Speeches of Course)

Monday the 20th May saw the holding of the Annual General Meeting. The old committee gave their reports and the committee was officially elected. Details of all the official type goings on will be circulated by our wonderful secretary in due course. As part of the AGM, Nick recognised some of the longer serving members of the club with special certificates. In addition club founder Norman Rhodes made a special presentation to Eric Elliot in appreciation of his many years of service to Maidenhead. More details of all this in a later post.

With the formalities complete, we turned to what we do best – speeches. Zahid Aziz ran a table topics session where he gave the speakers mock interview questions. Good practice for all I think.

New member Romain was asked “How would you describe yourself?”. A curlier question went to David Collomb – “You’ve been through few employers already; your longest stay with an employer was 11 months? How long do you expect to work for this company?” Mary Fraser had the delicate task of explaining how she would handle it if her boss was wrong, while Norman Rhodes had to tell us how 10 people who knew him would describe him.

The classic “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” went to Anita Li and Helen Elliott won best topics ribbon explaining why she was fired from her last role. Amanda Bouch described her greatest weakness and finally Monica told us what she would do if she doesn’t get the job.

After the break there were two prepared speeches. Fatiha Lafkar did speech 5, ‘Jumping into the void’, bringing us with her on her journey to Australia and Fraser Island in particular. Her wonderful description of choosing to do a parachute jump and the volcano of fear which bolted up in her drew the audience into Fatiha’s experience. Her use of language allowed us to feel her fear as she ‘jumped into the void’ and triumphantly overcame her fear.

The other prepared speech of the evening was delivered by the long serving award winning Eric Elliott. Eric had jumped into the breach at fairly short notice to cover for another. His speech ‘My Guardian Angel and the brothers’ was from advanced manual ‘humorously speaking’. The speech took us back to 1953 when Eric worked for the Atomic commission and his after work activities with his mate Stew.

We were well entertained with Eric’s costume dress and singing of a Irish tune Brother’s Malone with risky wording. All his high jinks in the night clubs with nude models, somehow with the help of his Guardian Angel and Brother Malone managed to get him the day job he applied for.

Gerard Pillai gave a very sound evaluation of Fatiha’s speech as did Jacqui Hogan of Eric’s. On the night Gerard went home with the ribbon for best evaluator.

David MacLeod as General Evaluator reminded us all of the value of the Evaluator manual which is now available on line. He made some very interesting suggestions for possibilities of different ways of improving evaluations over the next year.

Doreen Gowing as first time TME expressed her gratitude to all who helped her make it a smooth evening.

Another great evening was had by all. Thanks to Doreen and Zahid for their input into this report. 

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