October 29 Meeting – small group, but we packed a punch!

With special guest blogger Amanda Bouch.

Gerard Pillai as Toastmaster for the evening put together a powerful meeting for the 5th Monday in October.  With 3 speakers and their evaluators, we had time for an extended Table Topics session run by Yohan McDonald and evaluated by Nick Bailey.  The theme was ‘passion’ and that encouraged the speakers to bring passion into their delivery.


The speakers were working on very different projects.

Beshlie Donaldson confessed to watching far too much TV as a student and how she had weaned herself off TV and found new energy and enjoyment in other activities.  This message landed on sympathetic ears as so many Toastmasters lead busy lives that don’t include excessive TV time.  It was a well-constructed second speech with a clear message.


Steve Cann persuaded us that The Beatles were the most significant contributors to the popular music industry and set the tone for much of what was to come, as well as standing the test of time.  His powerful speech was full of fascinating facts and delivered with the passion of a dedicated fan, enhanced by showing us the original LPs.  Seeing Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in all their glory certainly took me back…


Monica Horton took us all back to a different time as she recounted the story of a lowly printer who came up against power and money and lost.  With dimmed lights to create atmosphere and dressed as his wife, she told the story first-hand, so we could imagine what that trial was like.  The ‘schadenfreude’ was palpable as she told how the baddy had been run over and killed outside the court.


Table Topics were varied as Doreen spoke of Halloween – trick please! Julie told Aunt Ethel not to knit another jumper for Christmas gifts, Fatiha applied for her dream job as a walking guide, Swati did her first TT on her book, Xin Chen (guest) gave a motivational speech as a football coach, Anita persuaded the police not to give her a ticket for speeding and Zahid told us why he should have the only parachute in a plane crash.


Steve Cann won the Best Speaker, Doreen Gowing the Best Table Topic and there was no award for Best Evaluator as only Zahid was in time.  Though all gave useful feedback.


It was a sumptuous (word of the day) evening and we were entertained and educated with passion!

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