Our Childhood Can Be the Making of Us

MSC Meeting – Monday 14 November 2016

With Guest Blogger – Cheryl 

Our Childhood Can Be the Making of Us

Maidenhead Speakers Club never fails to entertain, educate and inspire and Mondays meeting was no exception.

Sergeant at Arms Mike called the meeting to order on time, despite a last minute hitch regarding the timer system, which had mysteriously gone missing. President Chris saved the evening by arriving in the nick of time with the missing equipment, which had needed a repair.

Chris welcomed the guests and then spoke of his experience at the District 91 conference. Although his speech did not get placed his experience had been enriched by coaching the Keynote Speaker, and International Speech finalist Thien Trang. While there he received an award in recognition of his services to the District for mentoring. Chris emphasized how important it is to support one another.

Toastmaster Sandra who has been a member for over 10 years said she had attended the conference for the first time and wished she had gone earlier. She found it invigorating and motivating. She said it provided an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone.

Jan led the table topics session with questions that encouraged speakers to use their imagination and connect with the child within. The winner was Tony Searby who, as a 10 year old, would like Mind Reading as a super power. He could look into the teachers eyes and see the answers.

Sandra introduced the prepared speeches, which were a broad representation of the Competent Communicator Manual. First up was Darren with his Icebreaker Me, Myself and I. He gave a frank account of his challenging childhood when as a teenager he was described as a “highly intelligent juvenile delinquent”. His was an inspirational speech illustrating how he had turned his life around and become a better, stronger and more compassionate person. He left us with “It is impossible to be grateful and depressed”.

Next up was Yacine who was also giving his Icebreaker “How Did Sport Shape Me As a Person? He speech looked back at his childhood training as a gymnast in Morocco. Whilst he didn’t like the competitive nature of his sport he said there is excellence in craftsmanship.

Esther stepped in at the last minute to present This Is Not A Fight. She started by taking us on a guided visualization, which packed a powerful punch when she revealed that we were bulls bred for the bullring. A powerful, impactful speech highlighting the plight of the 70,000 bulls killed every year for a sport subsided by the EU to the tune of 130 million euros.

Before the interval Chris gave each of our guests an opportunity to say a few words about themselves and why they had come along. Sergeant at Arms Mike organized the refreshments for the interval.

Tom’s speech The Grotto was another inspirational speech about struggle and endurance. Mike gave a presentation on “Beyond the Submit Button” explaining what goes on behind the scenes once we have placed an order on line.

Best Speaker went to Tom.

General Evaluator Cheryl led the evaluation section of the evening giving a clear explanation of why we give evaluations. She introduced her team of evaluators – Vidhya, Mell, Mohammed, Richard and Mary all of whom gave competent evaluations. She concluded with her report of the evening.

Best Evaluator went to Mell Sheppard who said it was always a pleasure to evaluate for an Icebreaker speech. “It is the first opportunity to shape their journey. “

Timer was Melissa and Grammarian was Clayton.

Doreen reported on her experience as a guest on Marlow FM. She had been invited as winner of the Area Table Topic Contest and came third in the District Contest. She hoped that the increase in guests on Monday might have had something to do with her promotion of the club, but sadly no one present had heard her. Mike said he had been Master of Ceremonies at his company annual event. When asked how Maidenhead Speakers had helped him, he said it would not have happened without Toastmasters.

Chris concluded the evening with the presentation of ribbons for the best Speaker, Evaluator and Table Topics.

The next meeting is on Monday 28 November.

A Very Special Evening: A Night to Remember!

MSC Meeting – Monday 31 November 2016

With Guest Blogger – Doreen

A Very Special Evening: A Night to Remember!


If you debated coming to toastmasters on Monday the 30th of October and choose not to, you missed out is all I can say. It was an extraordinary evening like no other MSC meeting I have ever attended. Being the 3rd Monday of the month, Chris Boden had arranged for Paul Carroll a seasoned and passionate debater from 104 London Debaters to give us a workshop on the skills of debating. Volunteers had been called upon in advance to create two teams for the night. The topic was chosen ‘This house would allow performance enhancing drugs in sports’.

 No one knew which side they would be representing, the room was filled with anticipation.

 Paul Carroll opened the evening by introducing us to the absolute essentials for debating.

1. A definition for the topic being debated.

2. Reasoning or logic

3 The clash 

The purpose of debating is to discover the truth.

 Paul alerted us to watch out for the ‘slippery slope’ arguments and the ‘fallacy argumentsand the ‘straw man’ all of which would leave their arguments to have little or no weight at all.

For some practice and full audience participation, Paul divided us up into small groups. Each group were given a different topic to practice a debate before presenting the summary of the debate to the audience.

After the break with our bellies full and our throats lubricated, Mary chaired the debate keeping order and ensuring the flow. Those arguing for ‘This house would allow performance enhancing drugs and sports’: Tony, Michael and Vidhya those debating against the motion were Mohammed, Sandra and Chrys Fisher.

Michael opened the debate confidently and passionately stating his points that athletes are given the choice to take drugs or not. Secondly, banning drugs would drive them to go underground. Finally modern competitive world athletes will do whatever is needed to win.

Mohammed responded with equal passion. The debate was in full flow.  Before the final speakers summarised their team’s case, the debate was handed over to the floor. Further opinions were aired by Rajeev, Paul Aherne, Chris, and my good self, raising the emotional temperature even higher in the room. Vidhya and Chrys then summarised their positions before Paul Carroll feedback on the performance of the clubs first debate.  

Paul was impressed with the quality of debating of both team and concluded that while the motion failed to be passed, those arguing for the motion had managed to persuade more of the audience to change their minds. This was seen as a win, win in its own right.

It was truly a night to remember and the debate continued as we walked through the doors at the end of the night either heading home or to the pub. What was agreed by all was, a good night was had by all and much was learnt about debating.

A special big thank you to Chris Boden for arranging this very special evening and to Paul Carroll for coming all the way out from London to share his time and knowledge.

Hope to see you on the 14th November when we resume our normal format of interesting and inspiring speeches, informative evaluations and surprise Table Topics.

The Standards Were High Again at Maidenhead Speakers

MSC Meeting – Monday 24 October 2016

With Guest Blogger – Nick

The Standards Were High Again at Maidenhead Speakers

It was another slick performance by Maidenhead Speakers on Monday lead by ‘Toastmaster of the Evening’ Gerard.

After Sergeant at Arms Mike brought us to order, President Chris announced the results of the Division Contest at the weekend. Maidenhead were represented by Chris himself in the Humorous Speaking Contest and Doreen in the Table Topics contest. Chris came 2nd and Doreen was third. However, Chris has been successful in winning through to the finals in November as he is also a member of Reading Speakers representing a different area. Well done to both of them and good luck to Chris in the final.

Tony started the proceeding off with a bang by inviting speakers to the stage for impromptu speaking. The topics he chose were all real ‘curved ball’ questions asked by well-known companies in an interview situation. Despite only having the time it takes from leaving their seat to getting to the front, all the speakers gave a very polished answer to the question posed. The winner was Paul at a Yo! Sushi interview, who was ‘good with knives’ responding to the question, ‘Which three words best describe you as a person’.

Gerard easily took us through the prepared speeches for the night. Five speakers gave their all to entertain and dazzle us with their individual skills on a range of subjects. Jon talked about his love of sailing. Esther explained why ‘she was English’ with her prominent Spanish accent. Doreen taught us to forgive ourselves and Grant inspired us to watch our diet and exercise more with lots of statistics about diabetes. Finally, Michael took a novel approach by speaking over backing tracks to tell us about his love of jazz. Dorren won the best speaker ribbon.

Sergeant at Arms Mike organised the refreshments during the interval.

After the tea and biscuits, the General Evaluator for the evening, Nick seamlessly took us through the feedback session and commented on the good points and some recommendations for the five evaluators. Rajeev was very complimentary about Jon speech and referred to the objectives of the speech but could have smiled more. Gayatri with her first evaluation had good compliments but could have used more pauses. Mohammad evaluated Doreen’s speech used small notes in his hand and, in line with Doreen’s call for action, encouraged us to forgive ourselves. Alan commended Grant’s use of the power of three and his many statistics but wasted a few seconds at the beginning. Lorraine smiled throughout her speech with very punchy comments but directed her comments to the speaker alone.  All the evaluators summarised well. There was a tie with Lorraine and Alan winning the best evaluator ribbon.

Grammarian Vidhya completed the evening with her assessment of the crutch words used by all the speakers and her thoughts on the good use of English.

President Chris summed up by awarding the best ribbons prizes.

Another Very Enjoyable Evening

MSC Meeting – Monday 10 October 2016

With Guest Blogger – Tony

Another Very Enjoyable Evening


On Monday 10th October Maidenhead Toastmasters enjoyed a high energy evening of public speaking that maintained the very high standards the club has come to expect.

Sergeant at Arms Mike opened the evening with a pertinent metaphor that highlighted the similarity between building with bricks and building a speech. President Chris delivered a warm and embracing welcome to both guests and newly joined members, before handing over to toast master of the evening John who compared the evening with his characteristic humour and panache.

Preeti, undertaking the role of table topics Master for the first time, delivered an excellent round of questions on the theme of “past experiences of school days”. New members Paul and Sarah speaking for the first time, embraced the challenge of impromptu speaking with confidence and self assurance, before more experienced Toastmasters Chris, Marco, Paul and Mohammed all took centre stage. Table topics speaker of the evening went to Paul.

Kashmira delivered the first prepared speech in which she described the anxieties she personally experienced as a mother of two young children. Her story developed into telling the tale of how her son’s school friend, “Little Johnny”, came to play. As Kashmira gradually discovered that Little Johnny suffered from diabetes, food allergies and unexplained seizures, the audience could experience her fear and panic levels rising by the second. However it was Little Johnny who “took her by the arm” and reassured her that her fears were exaggerated and there was no need for concern. Heeding Little Johnny is message, Kashmir projected a state of peace and enlightenment that powerfully juxtaposed her earlier panic and anxiety.

 Second up was Honor who delivered an enthusiastic and passionate speech describing her job as a home-based online video tutor. Using her company background screen as a prop, Honor explained the need for each tutorial to be set up and presented in a professional manner. Punctuating this serious part of her speech with humour, Honor described the pitfalls of shortcutting this process. A fellow presenter inadvertently forgot to use the company background screen and found herself presenting in front of her clothes horse. Then, while live on camera, the viewers saw her husband crawling behind her in his underpants desperately searching the clothes horse for his trousers!

 Rajeev’s objectives was to deliver a dramatic talk. Using his customary engaging style, Rajeev began by asking the audience a question “who remembers the Memphis to Houston plane flight”? From this inauspicious beginning, the speech took a dramatic turn when the plane dropped 1000 foot due to extreme turbulence resulting in both panic and fear and physical injury to a number of passengers. Rajeev’s speech took on personal meaning when he introduced his friend Steve’s first hand experience of the drama, and the role he played in restraining a panicking fellow passenger. In summary, Rajeev brought this dramatic story fully to life, creating suspense throughout.

Finally, Sandra brought the evening is prepared speeches to a close with a masterclass in the principles and practice of selling. Beginning with a clear and concise overview of the four principles of selling, establishing rapport, assessing the buyer’s needs, providing a solution, and gaining commitment, Sandra went on to role-play these principles in action with Paul playing the part of the potential customer. Sandra concluded this advanced speech by asking the audience for questions and observations of the selling process. Sandra delivered all three sections of her speech with “effortless ease” which is exactly what is needed for an effective sales process.

 Louise enthusiastically evaluated Kashmir’s speech highlighting the strengths of her storytelling supported by strong posture and positioning. Louise perceptively recommended that Kashmira’s excellent speech could be enhanced further by using different accents for the different characters.

 Richard complimented Honor’s speech on the excellent use of humour, engaging the audience through the use of questioning and a clear call for action at the end. He gave a clearly structured evaluation that was engaging throughout with a concise summary at the end.

 Lorraine delivered a masterful evaluation in which she appreciated Rajeev’s strong stage presence, his credibility as a speaker and the quality of his vocal variety. Lorraine’s recommendation challenged Rajeev to devote more time to crafting the content of his speech during preparation.

Drawing upon his own experience of delivering the same sale speech himself, Nick gave a thorough evaluation of Sandra’s presentation. He complimented her on the clarity of her introduction and how she successfully implemented the principles she highlighted during the role-play.

Speaker of the evening went to Kashmira, and Loraine took the award for best evaluator. Chris brought the evening to a close by asking the guests for the feedback.

Area 21 Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest

Area Contest Saturday 8 October 2016

With Guest Blogger – Richard

Area 21 Humorous speaking and table topics contest

On Saturday 8th October ’16 there was an afternoon of amusement provided by the Area 21 Humorous speaking and table topics contest which was held at St Piran’s in Maidenhead.

The Club level winners from all five of the Area 21 clubs competed against each other. This included representatives from Wokingham, Windsor, Ascot, Chiltern and Maidenhead Speakers Clubs.

Contest chair was Monica Horten, Chief Judge Jacqui Hogan, and Sergeant at Arms Michael Williams with Qin and Matt from Windsor Speakers as timers.

The large hall was able to comfortably accommodate the audience of around 40. It was also a great opportunity to make new acquaintances with members from other clubs.

The hall was filled with laughter as the speakers delivered their humorous speeches. The speakers made poised performances and each had a great story to tell. Subjects covered included domestic appliances, dating and DIY disasters.

The table topics question referred to a Beatles song and asked the table topic speakers where in their wildest dreams they would like to be. This resulted in a wide range of interesting responses.

The results of the table topics contest were 1st place to Doreen Gowing, 2nd Marce Colucci and 3rd Ann McCormack.

The humorous speech contest was won by Chris Boden, with 2nd place to Victor Nweeke and 3rd place to Ann McCormack.

Congratulations to winners Chris Boden who demonstrated supreme rhetorical command and Doreen Gowing who exhibited energy and fluency.

Well done to all for making it such an entertaining afternoon.

A Very Enjoyable Evening

MSC Meeting – Monday 26 September 2016

With Guest Blogger – Lorraine

A Very Enjoyable Evening

It was good to see so many new faces in the audience for the meeting on the 28 September and good to see the warm welcome our guests received from established members.

Mike our Sergeant at Arms banged the gavel to bring the meeting to order and gave some great suggestions to the club members to listen to the podcasts available on the Toastmaster website.   President Chris then spoke about the Toastmaster Universe with a recap of recent events in the Toastmaster calendar.  A further warm welcome was extended to our guests along with a little Toastmaster history. Chris also gave us a reminder about the Area Contest due to take place on Saturday 8 October at St Piran’s.

We were in safe hands that evening with Nick as our Toastmaster for the evening. A very seasoned Toastmaster whose ensemble matched the colour of his name badge. Very coordinated!

Cheryl was introduced as our Table Topics Master. She had prepared a great set our topics for the impromptu speaking session.  The speakers were adeptly evaluated by Jon who shared his thoughts on each of the speakers.

The prepared speeches were a delight; 2 Icebreaker speeches, one from Gayatri and one from Esther, these were both so enjoyable and a great way for these new members to introduce themselves to the club. In addition, we had Tom’s speech no 3 from the Competent Communicator Manual and John’s Storytelling speech which had the audience spell-bound.  John won the best speech award for the evening.

A team of trusty evaluators (Vidhya, Michael, Paul and Mary) evaluated the prepared speeches, each using the “commend – recommend – commend” format to encourage our speakers and give valuable constructive feedback for their next speeches. Mary won the much coveted Best Evaluator award for her evaluation of John’s storytelling speech.

Doreen our Grammarian gave her report, picking up all our ummm’s and ahhh’s and ‘filler’ words like ‘soooo’.  The evening came to a gentle close. Very enjoyable!

Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests Results

Monday 12 Septempber 2016

Humorous Speech Contest Night

Acting Sergeant-at-Arms & Acting President – Tom Hostetler

Contest Chair – Mike Jones

Chief Judge – Steve Catchick

Timer – Esther


Humorous Speeches

Order of Appearance

Speaker 1 – Doreen (Snakes and Ladders)
Speaker 2 – Michael (Mamma Mia – The Mother of All Rides)
Speaker 3 – Richard (Seize the Opportunity)
Speaker 4 – Chris (Know Your Role)
Speaker 5 – Tony (I Wish I could Still Be Funny)
Speaker 6 – Honor (That Ship Called Dignity)


1st Place – Chris 
2nd Place – Michael 
3rd Place – Tony 


Table Topics

You’ve Ran Away to a Travelling Circus, What Role or Act Will You Do – and Why?

Order of Appearance

Speaker 1 – Doreen (Elephant Lifting)
Speaker 2 – Chris (Juggling Chainsaws)
Speaker 3 – Vidyha (The High Wire)
Speaker 4 – Tony (Animal Trapeze)
Speaker 5 – Michael (Tiger Catcher)
Speaker 6 – Nick (Trapeze Artist)


1st Place – Doreen 
2nd Place – Chris 
3rd Place – Tony 


Best wishes to Chris and Doreen at the Area Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest on Saturday the 8th of October at our normal meeting venue, St Piran’s Centre. Doors open 2pm and event starts at 2:30pm till 4:30pm.

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean

MSC Meeting – Monday 22 August 2016

With Guest Blogger – Richard

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean


As I walked into the hall on Monday night I read a sign “Make sure your shoes are clean.” Was this a new standard that had been introduced at Maidenhead Speakers Club, or maybe it was just there for the pupils who use the hall during the day.

I did not have long to contemplate this as it was to be a very busy evening ahead with 5 prepared speeches to be delivered.

Sergeant at Arms, Tom welcomed us all and commented on the success of the Olympics, a theme that would be continued throughout the evening. President, Chris attended the meeting despite having just flown back from the USA where he had attended a Toastmaster convention. The evening was well organised and expertly conducted by Toastmaster of the evening, Louise. Grammarian for the night was Cheryl with Gayatri in charge of timing all the speakers.

Preeti made her icebreaker speech. She told the audience about herself and left us with a profound thought – To be happy you need someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.

Riccardo was up next with speech 3 in which he explained the influence of the scouts on his life and the satisfaction he gains from volunteering and charity work.

Paul presented speech 8 entitled “Ain’t no mountain high enough.” He compared speaking at Toastmasters to climbing a mountain. He used great visuals displayed on the flip chart to really emphasise his message.

Steve delivered an advanced speech entitled “Killer openings.” This provided techniques and examples on how you can make a good first impression. This included curiosity, shock and surprise, use of a date, statistics, stories and also the use of rhetorical questions.

The final speech was an advanced speech by Monica in which she reflected on the issues facing doctors. Amusing anecdotes included a mobile phone being left inside a patient.

Table Topics Master was Grant who continued the Olympic theme with John, Nick, Tony, Jan and Michael all speaking confidently around their given topic.

At the end of a great evening Best Table Topics was awarded to Tony, Best Evaluator was Mell and Best Speaker award went to Paul.

Looking forward to the next meeting. I will have clean shoes just in case the shoe rule is enforced.




Summer Nights

MSC Meeting – Monday 8 August 2016

With Guest Blogger – Mary

Summer Nights

It was a barmy, summer evening and there we were gathered together for yet another entertaining evening at Maidenhead Speakers Club. An enthusiastic Sergeant-at-Arms, Mike, welcomed and called us to order before handing over to our President, Chris, who conducted the business part of the meeting swiftly and efficiently and with a reminder about the club contest on 12 September 2016.

Chris handed over to Toastmaster of the Evening (TME), Honor. Despite this being her first time as TME, Honor displayed great confidence and competence when she introduced her summer themed evening. With it being the summer, several members were on holiday and TME Honor revamped the usual meeting format. Scheduled speeches were reduced to four and we had the luxury of not one but two separate Table Topics sessions … good thinking Honor, it certainly kept us on our toes and kept the creative juices flowing!

Topics master Jan started with the summer theme and challenged us with impromptu topics. Richard was first up with his refreshing cocktail balancing a colourful and nutritious vitamin C drink with a couple of pints of vodka! Mary, using her best body language, shared the joys of what it felt like to be a beach ball on the beach. Julie (Ascot club) communicated the delights of sampling different flavours of ice cream and highly recommended brussel sprout flavoured ice cream! Tony was colour challenged about beach outfits and gave a convincing argument and brief history about the colours of pink and blue.

The second Table Topics session was hosted by Topics master Grant. He invited Mike J to tell us which sportsperson he would like to invite to dinner. The invite went to an impressive, tiny, Olympic gymnast, although Mike did confess that he probably wouldn’t be serving up any ‘rabbit food stuff’. Gayitri shared her preference for a holiday to Naples where she might enjoy the food, the weather and perhaps a visit to Pompeii? Continuing with the summer theme Michael W moved seamlessly into the groove when invited to talk about his summer music, so much so he could “feel the music deep down in my bones” …we were there Michael …grooving along to the summer sounds. But not for Kasia (from one of the London clubs), no beach for her, she wanted to jump on a horse and ride off for adventure and if time permitted, perhaps learn belly dancing too.

In her speech ‘Dreams’, Toastmaster Louise captivated us with her magical holiday when she swam with dolphins. Doreen delivered a thought provoking speech, ‘There’s a Knot in My Stomach’ about metaphors, how they are used and how our own metaphor for life might look. Mell’s interpretive speech, ’Whiter Shade of Pale’ had us transfixed and spellbound as she ‘tripped the light fantastic’. The scheduled speeches concluded with an encouraging and educational speech from President Chris, ‘Keeping the Commitment’. In it, he highlighted the importance of member commitment to the club through participation, interaction and improvement. It was a motivational speech providing great tips for all club members.

Other roles fulfilled on the night were:

Evaluator #1: Tony – evaluated Louise                                                           Evaluator #2: Nick – evaluated Doreen                                                        Evaluator #3: Cheryl – evaluated Mell                                                            Evaluator #4: Tom – evaluated Chris                                                                General Evaluator was Norman                                                                   Timer was Rajeev, and finally, Grammarian was Mary

Overall, a great evening with Best Table Topics award to Michael, Best Evaluator to Tony and Best Speech to Louise. Next meeting – Monday 22 September, 7.30pm.

People Power!


Maidenhead Speakers Blog 26.07.16

With Guest Blogger – Yohan

People Power!

The evening’s preceding began with Mike the Sgt at Arms bringing his energy to the stage and introducing the night with a personal story. Followed by Chris – President who built on that energy by welcoming all (including the several guests) and providing a timely reminder of the forthcoming speaking contest in Sept.

Our Toastmaster for the Evening was Lorraine who set out the scene for the evening’s events and reminded us that just four years ago today we were all preparing for the 2012 London Olympics – and how it was People Power that brought it all together through the amazing volunteers. It is this same positive group mindset that makes us so successful at Maidenhead Speakers club.

Our Table Topics session was led by Doreen, who provided thought provoking and inspiring topics for the next speakers to put their creative voice to. Mary told us how she grew Hollyhock flowers up the garden path. Tom shared a story about how his parents expecting him and his siblings to provide holiday homes across the world! Steve Catchick admitted that he hasn’t read his Toastmaster magazine this month… and left several other books half read! Monica used the classic technique of repeating the question and pause to buy some valuable seconds to think of her answer while on stage. Louise calm demeanour and use of pause also demonstrated how to create some much needed time at the start to help manifest a suitable response. Jan used vivid and detailed description of her garden to inspire our creative vision. Alan used brutal honesty by saying that he didn’t like the topic choices and would have preferred the other questions!

The winner of the Best Table Topic went to Steve Catchick

Speaker #1 was Vidhya gave us a talk laced with personal stories and delivered it with an outstanding display of stage authority and stage presence. Her message was based around her friend who was an architect who wanted to achieve more out of life. Animation and hand gestures were used throughout, which made this captivating speech so engaging.

Speaker #2 was Grant, who took us back to 1971, and explained throughout with use of a PowerPoint visual aid why this was such a significant year for him. His message was filled with humour, especially around the point that he wasn’t one of those people who used drugs at this time!

Speaker #3 was Nick, who took on the arduous task of delivering an extended talk on how to manage a sales pitch on a complex subject. He used an audience member to demonstrate how to handle objections and steer the conversation towards a successful close.

The Best Speaker of the night went to Vidhya – and her proud parents on holiday from India were there to witness the occasion!

Evaluator #1 was Jivan who was evaluating Vidhya.  His first point was about how Vidhya ‘hooked us’ with her personal story – this point also helped the audience understand how important it is to ‘engage’ the audience at the very start. He also gave very clear advice on the improvement areas, saying what and why it could change.

Evaluator #2 was Monica evaluating Grant, using a valuable technique of humour to reflect on the point made earlier about drug use by Grant to engage the audience. It was a thorough evaluation identifying key strengths and improvement areas for the speaker and audience to take away.

Evaluator #3 was Tony evaluating Nick. He began with a warm and self-reassuring message to Nick that he achieved a high standard of delivery on this tricky and difficult subject, which would surely have warmed any speaker. Tony delivered all his positive and areas of improvement points with clarity & energy, which helped show his core strengths as an evaluator.

Evaluator #4 was Paul who evaluated all the table topic speakers. Paul did a brilliant job so much so that two Best Evaluator ribbons were handed out, one to him – and another to Tony!

Our Grammarian role was filled by Kashmira, who provided a comprehensive analysis to the use of language by most – this was interrupted with her personal account of how language and accents especially have helped & inhibited her. She brought this up to highlight the challenge Vidhya’s parents told her during the break they had in understanding the British accent. They had actually not long arrived from a holiday in the US where they also found the American accent a bit of challenge!

Well done to all on another amazing and fantastic evening of speaking at Maidenhead Speakers Club

The next session is on Monday August 8th 2016 – the Toasmatster is Honor.