An Epic Handover!

Maidenhead Speakers Club – Blog Monday 29th June

An Epic Handover! 


This session of speaking delights was alike none other…as it was the last session facilitated by our brilliant team of committee members, as they hand over the baton to the new team.

It begun by a heartfelt and emotional opening by Paul who has brilliantly graced the role of Seargeant at Arms for the last 12 months. He shared how much the role has meant to him, and how much he has learned from it, to which is audience has been the beneficiaries of his witty conduct for so long.

Next up was in Paul’s words ‘The Marvellous & delightful’ Julie as the clubs president. She opened with high energy and exuberance to which has been consistent in her time in the role. She shared how receiving the ‘gold medal’ around her neck at the start made her feel very proud to lead this club, which has also given her great confidence.

Our Toastmaster of the Evening was Lorraine who actually compared herself to Davina McCall or Dermot O’Leary…a likeness which raised good humour in the audience! Lorraine ran the evening like a true professional, with some very nice touches e.g giving each speaker some immediate & quick positive feedback after each speech. It made the session run without a hitch.

Gabriella was our Table Topics Master for the evening, who done a splendid job of creating seasonal based scenario’s for the speakers to contend with, the speakers were as follows:


Question: Summer is a great time for picnics, if you were to prepare for a picnic what would you buy?

She would go to the Jubilee River on her bicycle and take duck/duck breast. During her description of her travel to the river on her bicycle she sang a little song.


Question: What would be your dream vacation destination?

She would go to her grandmother’s house in the Russian forest. There it is peaceful and there is a farm on which she can drink milk from the cows.


Question: What is your worst summer holiday?

He talked about a holiday in Australia/New Zealand during which time he rode on the back of a bike that a family member rode. The family member was not the best of rider and there was rain and it was the worst vacation for him.


Question: Most people in the UK spread out their 25 days’ vacation allocation. Is it better to take a whole month or to take a week at a time?

He would prefer to take a whole month to visit his uncle’s house in New Zealand/Australia. His uncle built the house with his own hands.


Question : If you have a visitor to Maidenhead where would you take the visitor?

She mentioned that not long ago she had a friend over to visit her in Maidenhead. She was conscious of some areas in Maidenhead not being very scenic, such as the shopping centre so she tried to distract her friend during their walkabout. At the end of the visit the friend mentioned that Abingdon where she is from is similar to Maidenhead but what makes it special in Maidenhead is Julie’s presence.


Question : If she prefers a cold or hot climate for vacation?

Jan prefers a cold climate. And she went on to describe the type of cold climate, in which it is terribly cold with your nose freezing and your eyes watering. This is the type of temperature she would choose.

The award of the best table topic went to Grant

We then moved into the prepared speeches.

First up was Tony with speech no.9 from the CC manual, which was based on ‘influence’. He used the story of how the cat chases the rat to support the idea of how a certain bacteria & cells will be passed from one to another in the ecology cycle. He demonstrated this superbly with visual props located around the room which brought his speech to life and made it energetic & dynamic.

Rajeev was also delivering speech no.9 from the CC manual, from which the results were outstanding. He used his expertise as an IT specialist to demonstrate how we will all succumb to rely on technology in our lives in the years to come

Jacqui shared her entertaining talk titled ‘When a Monkey won’t do’. It was about Jacqui’s experiences dealing with people (or not, as a techie), and how some of their behaviour is similar to animal behaviour like meercats, monkey and donkeys

The award of the best speaker went to Tony

It was now time to hear the evaluation team share their analysis on tonights speakers:

Alan evaluated Tony’s talk and begun with a powerful compliment designed to inspire & motivate the speaker to which there is little doubt he did so. He structured his talk around the classic commend-recommend-commend model superbly, giving clear direction as to how it could be improved.

Marco started his evaluation by using a quote from Rajeev’s speech, which is a tried & tested way to create powerful interest and draw the audience in. His comments were all backed up by reasons why they are important, which helps both the speaker & audience appreciate the context in which it was delivered, overall this was a very good evaluation.

Steve evaluated Jacqui’s speech and begun with a fabulous technique by stating the framework from which he will fill with the meat of the talk. He gave very clear and comprehensive points, delivered with energy and clarity.

The award of the best evaluator went to Steve

The Grammarian for the evening was Honor. Whose analysis was clear, concise and delivered with a warm & friendly tone, which is particularly helpful to hear as a speaker. She identified excellent use of English throughout, and used a great technique of practicing for the role to Kanya West’s appearance at Glastonbury!

The Timer role was filled by Clive, who done a splendid job throughout of helping maintaining one of Maidenhead speakers key disciplines.

Yohan fulfilled the role of General Evaluator to help encapsulate an overall extremely enjoyable night of speaking.

The next session is on Monday 13th July

See you all there

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