Remember, Remember the Tenth of November

Maidenhead Speakers Club – Monday 10 Nov 2014


Tonight was another educational and entertaining evening at Maidenhead Speakers Club.

The evening started with an amusing introduction from our Sergeant at Arms Paul, who admitted to being drugged up – medically speaking of course! Our smiley Club President Julie warmly welcomed us and took good care of our guests too – we had seven first-time visitors tonight, so we must be doing something right! Julie then introduced our Toastmaster of the Evening Mary who, with lots of preparation beforehand, made it look so easy. She brought a selection of hats to vividly demonstrate our acronym, and encourage some audience participation!

Next up was the Table Topics session with Richard who encouraged us to ‘compare and contrast’ with his interesting questions.
The respondents were:
Monica – who couldn’t decide if she would rather be an 80-year-old billionaire or an 18 year old student;
Cheryl – who preferred camping in Italy rather than having a 5 star holiday in Bournemouth (even though she doesn’t particularly like camping).
Gavin – who saw the downside of ‘Jaws’ on a beach holiday, contrasting with frost bite whilst skiing!
Keith – who didn’t want to be a fighter pilot or a librarian but romanticised the virtues of reading a book. It was enough for him to win the Best Table Topic Speaker ribbon. Well done Keith – and welcome back.
Alan – who didn’t have much to say about whether he’d rather have been born talented or lucky, but he had a lot to say afterwards.
Tony – who advocated connections were important in both a successful career and a successful social life.
Steve – who preferred to be firmly planted on land rather than own a helicopter or a powerboat.
Doreen – who sat on the fence a lot before deciding she would prefer a brother over another sister.
Everyone gave an excellent impromptu speech and set the tone for a lively evening.

There were four prepared speeches starting with Suzette speaking for the second time, this time on the subject of dealing with anger.
Matthew’s objective was to use correct word selection, and told us about his very recent Italian holiday. He brought his speech alive with some lovely word pictures.
Mohammad gave us some invaluable information (and warnings) about internet hackers in a speech entitled ‘The Thieves of the 21st Century ’.
Final speaker Clive won the Best Speech with a story about speed dating – using it as an important message for not telling a lie! In fact, he made the subject of communication very thought-provolking and amusing.
The Evaluators were John, Chris, Michael and Sandra, with Chris winning the Best Evaluator ribbon with a polished evaluation given without the aid of notes.

General Evaluator for the evening was Nick who gave his view on the highlights of the table topics speakers and the evaluators, explaining how he believed each speaker stood out. He also gave a few recommendations where appropriate, and gave a very comprehensive and helpful summing up of the evenings events.
Grammarian Steve took no prisoners in identifying all the verbal crutches and filler words to help us improve our speaking! He also highlighted a number of good uses of the English language which he had particularly enjoyed.
When asked by the President to comment, some guests stated they were overawed by the standard of speaking, but Julie re-assured them that it was the same for all of us when we first started, and walked into the room. All in all, our members gave a very good advert for a club tonight and gave everyone in the room something special to take home.

Our next club night at MSC will be at 7:30 on 24th November, where our Toastmaster of the Evening will be Lorraine – see you all there!

Published by Steve Cann

I love music! I've also recorded & performed my own songs (& once played in a band) & sometimes attend open mic nights. I enjoy comedy club nights & rock gigs, & countryside walks/country pubs... & life's simple pleasures, such as relaxing with a great book. I love exploring London, & particularly pub walks - there's so many wonderful pubs in the metropolis that I didn't know existed before I started doing these... I never get tired of London. I enjoy meditation, keeping fit, yoga & staying in good shape - healthy body, healthy mind & all that. I'm always open to new experiences, & strive to live life mindfully - enjoying the present moment. I've more recently got into public speaking, becoming a Toastmaster - it's great fun, & an invaluable way of learning new skills & extra confidence.

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