Maidenhead Speakers save the day

A big thank you to Maidenhead Speakers and their friends. The last outing of the KC Comedy Club in High Wycombe threw up an unexpected challenge. Because of various circumstances four out of five of the stand ups booked didn’t turn up. This would normally spell disaster and throw any gig into complete panic and disarray. But as they say the show must go on….and it did with guests from the audience stepping up and doing impromptu spots. The Toastmaster training and an I can do that attitude took over.
Special thanks to:
Justin McCarthy who told us about music and how to talk to teenagers.
Richard Davies made us laugh about being British.
Yohan McDonald explained why you have to pay compliments and put the toilet seat down.
Chris Bowden advised about choosing an airline to fly long distance.
Nick Bailey told us how he managed to get mugged in the most pleasant way, thee nights on the trot.
Keith Clarke warned about the pitfalls of shopping for boots.
A new game of Joke Tag was developed on the spot. The owner of the club, John Walters got up and told a joke, which reminded another guest about another one, and on it went. Perhaphs we should try that at a meeting sometime?
The brave stand up that did arrive, Alan Donegan (also a Toastmaster and winner of a previous D71 Humerous speach contest) entertained us with what not to get caught doing in a car park.
If you want to find out more about these stories why not come to the next night on 16 August. Don’t forget to have a joke or two up your sleeve just incase you are called upon and want to enjoy the fun. Oh yes and the free buffet was excellent.
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