Visit to Maidenhead

Lovely overview of Oct 14th’s meeting by our visiting Division Governer Vanessa King, who was also Guest GE for the evening.

Division H, District 91

On 14th October I paid a visit to Maidenhead Speakers Club, and what a night! Packed seats, packed agenda and packed with lots of learning.

The meeting was opened with a warm and friendly greeting from the Sergeant at Arms, Doreen, she then handed over to club president Jacquie, who was very excited to welcome two new members to MSC. I really like the way the club gets badges made up for their members and makes a little ceremony of handing them to new members, it’s a lovely way to welcome them to the toastmasters family.

Gerard was Toastmaster of the Evening and told us the very useful piece of information that at MSC beer was called Jasmine tea. Sadly I forgot to make use of this, clearly I will have to make a return visit… Gerard welcomed all the speakers with great enthusiasm and created a welcoming and fun…

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