Maidenhead Speakers members perform at the KC Comedy Club


Last night, Thursday 17 May, saw the first gig for the KC Comedy Club at Magnolia Park, a private club in High Wycombe. Several members of MSC were there to enjoy the proceedings. Keith Clarke (MSC member) opened the evening to a lively crowd of over 70 comedy enthusiasts looking for a good entertaining night out. They were not disappointed.


After the introductions there was an ‘improv’ section which was a bit like a high energy table topics with no time limit. The audience were in awe of the participants, especially MSC’s Mell Sheppard who gave an impassioned plea to see the error of your ways for those who have been lured into the clutches of FACEBOOK! Chris Boden entertained us with stories about the 2012 Olympics and how the Australians will be winning all of the medals!


Several of the other guests were members of various other Toastmaster clubs from London and the South East.


At the break which allowed everybody to ensure that their glasses were topped up the owner of the club kindly laid on a free cheese and fruit buffet which everybody tucked into. After glasses were replenished and plates cleared the main part of the evening got underway; with five speakers giving their stand up routines which varied from 5 – 20 minutes each. Quick fire presentations covered:


1.      Being a working mother,


2.      Working in the dubious end of media,


3.      Cultural differences for Indians living in the UK and learning English in Indian restaurants,


4.      Coping with feeding the family,


5.      A misspent youth growing up in the East End of London.


There was something for everyone, the atmosphere was excellent. There were tears of laughter, and people went away with a smile on their face. Personally I am still giggling at remembered jokes and one liners almost 24 hours later.


The evening was heralded a success and the club have invited us to make this a regular event. Two MSC members have already volunteered to do an inprov slot at the next meeting. You will have to come along to find out who.


What a brilliant night, I laughed so much I had a bit of a tenna lady moment’ Jane W.


‘The quality was superb, please, please come and do that again’ Kris C


We will be back at the Magnolia club in June, watch this space for information.


Have you got a stand up routine or are brave enough to do an improv slot? Take your Toastmasters experience to the next level or just come along and have a great night out.


Contact Keith on 07738 540287











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