Oh Hell! Its the annual Maidenhead Speakers Club dinner…

Maidenhead Speakers Tall Tales Contest announced – Oh Hell! 

Experienced Toastmaster Ian Rees took the trophy at the Maidenhead Speakers Tall Tales contest held at the Bird in Hand at Knowl Hill on Saturday 28 April; the occasion coincided with the annual club dinner which was well attended by around 50 Maidenhead Speakers and guests

Ian did well to win over stiff competition as a plethora of tales from the other contestants unfolded: of tricky highwaymen on Exmoor, a desperate revenge by a desperate woman who had been wronged, the little known origins of the cat in the hat, advice from a professional beggar, and running out of fuel around Maidenhead … in the dark…1000 feet in the air! Were any of these stories completely true? Possibly not but they provided for splendid after dinner entertainment.

Ian’s winning tale centred on his intention to establish a new magazine aimed at those in their middle and maturing years: a cross between OK and Hello magazine: “Oh Hell

Summing up he finished with a jingle he had composed to promote his new publication:

If your life is starting to crumble but you’re not ready for kiss and tell then go down the newsagent and ask for your copy of Oh Hell!

Presenting the award, Maidenhead Speakers Club President Mary Fraser, commented  “It was a very strong field at this year’s contest and Ian was clearly the winner. Judging by the audience reaction there should be plenty of subscribers for Oh Hell!

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