Sharing your own motivation inspires others

Our club night’s theme was motivation but Amanda Bouch, Toastmaster of the Evening (28.11.11), didn’t use it for introductions, but as actions.  Before the evening, she encouraged the speakers and key role-holders to give of their best.

Table Topics Master, Nick Bailey chose to use the theme for his topics, which led to stimulating and inspiring impromptu speeches as club members got up and talked about:

  • being at their best – Ming Lei was a champion ice skater;
  • the most powerful question they ask themselves – Zahid Aziz asks himself every day how he can improve;
  • what they would do if anything was possible – Richard Davies would spend time on relationships as they are the most important thing in life;
  • who motivates them to commit to a personal challenge – Laurie Billson is working out in the gym to counteract his new job in a choclate factory and to prove a point to his brother;
  • how they celebrate achievements – John Gilpin celebrated completing a marathon by signing up for the next one!

Their stories were awesome and their motivation was infectious, leaving the audience inspired to be the best they can be.  This is the stuff top calibre speakers are made of and we enjoyed this quality even from a first-time speaker doing an impromptu speech.

Come along to Maidenhead Speakers Club and be inspired too!

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