Speaking with Powerpoint

How many times have you heard people criticise your Powerpoint presentation skills?

Too many words per slide“, “the slides detracted from your presence“, “too many slides“,  “you looked at the laptop and lost eye contact” and so on.

So here’s an excellent example of HOW to do it from Pranav Mistry speaking at TEDIndia.

Notice in this presentation , among other things:

  • Words on slides, yes, but only to emphasize the spoken word
  • Mix of pictures and video – most laptops perfectly capable of this now
  • Speech and slides synchronised

OK, so this is a big event and he probably had an army of IT and communication experts helping him put this together.

Still , food for thought when you are next using Powerpoint.

For some excellent advice on putting together your next Powerpoint presentation , try Andrew Abela’s Extreme Presentation Method.

(Incidentally Andrew  happens to be an old school friend of mine, who I lost contact with when he emigrated and then made contact with again via a random coincidence in a bar in London – how it happened will be a topic for a speech one day!)


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