An invitation from the Rotary Club of Burnham Beeches

Following a recent invitation to speak at the Rotary Club of Burnham Beeches, Mell Sheppard and Julie Farrell picked up the gauntlet. Those who attended the Speakers Club on 12 December were treated to a dress rehearsal of a brilliantly written and expertly delivered double act. We heard back this report from John at theContinue reading “An invitation from the Rotary Club of Burnham Beeches”

Sharing your own motivation inspires others

Our club night’s theme was motivation but Amanda Bouch, Toastmaster of the Evening (28.11.11), didn’t use it for introductions, but as actions.  Before the evening, she encouraged the speakers and key role-holders to give of their best. Table Topics Master, Nick Bailey chose to use the theme for his topics, which led to stimulating andContinue reading “Sharing your own motivation inspires others”

Speech Contest 12 September: Humorous Speeches and Table Topics

Maidenhead Speakers Club Presents… calling it quits can be a laughing matter! From time to time we’ve all had enough of the job, the stresses and strains and the petty frustrations. But have you ever thought about crafting the perfect resignation letter? Where you tell your boss what you really think of him? In exquisiteContinue reading “Speech Contest 12 September: Humorous Speeches and Table Topics”

Love Sweet Love: Best speech 24 January 2011

Love Sweet Love After that initial smash hit Music groups can often struggle with that “difficult second album”. Well clearly Toastmasters is not like the music business! I was recently lucky enough to catch Julie Farrell giving what was only her second speech project at MSC on 24 January.  Julie gave a compelling and thoughtContinue reading “Love Sweet Love: Best speech 24 January 2011”

Using Gadgets – when in doubt…reach for a G&T!

Toastmaster Mireia Fontbernat offers some tips for making better use of G&T No, it’s not the drink you should reach out for before an important speech. It stands for “Gadgets and Toastmasters”. Technology is everywhere. And, all too often, we think that it has nothing to do with us and speaking. Many a presenter hasContinue reading “Using Gadgets – when in doubt…reach for a G&T!”