Reaping a Harvest of Excellent Toastmastery

Maidenhead Speakers Club  – Monday 23 September 2013 With Guest Blogger, STEVE Cann Monday’s meeting had an autumnal air about it (what with it being two days since the equinox), and we certainly saw some seasoned performances tonight. Sgt at Arms Doreen Gowing kicked the meeting off in inspirational fashion, asking ‘Is it better to know, orContinue reading “Reaping a Harvest of Excellent Toastmastery”

All the Ingredients for a Successful Club Meeting

Maidenhead Speakers Club – Monday 9th September 2013 With Guest Blogger, JULie FarrELL The ingredients to a successful club meeting: Take one energetic and well-organised TME, Chris Boden. Add one fun and inspiring Table Topics Master, Paul Aherne, and mix with eight Topics takers in the form of Yohan McDonald, Beshlie Donaldson, Vinay Neogi, Nick Bailey, DoreenContinue reading “All the Ingredients for a Successful Club Meeting”

A Meteor Shower of Scintillating Speakers Hits MSC

Maidenhead Speakers Club  – Monday 12 August 2013 With Guest Blogger, Fatiha Lafkar The astronomers predicted a spectacular meteor shower on Monday night – the skies were expected to shimmer with a natural firework display. Well, I’m happy to report that the skies at Maidenhead Speakers Club were indeed scintillating with another spectacular speakers’ evening! The meeting openedContinue reading “A Meteor Shower of Scintillating Speakers Hits MSC”

When Time is on Our Side

Maidenhead Speakers Club  – Monday 29 July 2013 With Guest Blogger, Mary Fraser Despite the clock on the wall operating in ‘quick-quick time’, a well organised Sgt at Arms, Doreen Gowing, called the meeting to order, welcomed us warmly and shared wise words about managing the choices we make. Former Club President Nick Bailey droveContinue reading “When Time is on Our Side”

New Year in July

With Guest Blogger, Ben de Candole This was the first meeting of the new Toastmasters’ year, so we had an all-new committee including President (Jacqui Hogan), Sergeant at Arms (Paul Aherne standing-in for Doreen Gowing) and Membership Secretary Lorraine Hamilton. When I arrived at the meeting at 7:15, it was a full of efficient busy peopleContinue reading “New Year in July”